Nude Sketch Session / by christina dy

I've always loved drawing naked people-- the human body is infinitely beautiful. 

There were times when I'd hang out with my friends and just make them take their clothes off haha! 

It's great though when you have a model that knows how to pose-- the lines are just so graceful. Last June 11, Feanne and I organized a Nude Sketch Sesh, and I got pole dancer Josh Taylor to pose. He's 6' 2" and so strong and flexible and just very graceful in everything that he does. He also does not have a problem taking off his clothes. 

my drawing of Josh in his final pose

my drawing of Josh in his final pose

Of course, we will not post his actual photos. Hahaha!

We plan on making this a regular event! Thank you to everyone who came, and see you in the next one!