40 girls / by christina dy

Last year, I was commissioned to make a drawing. The content was up to me, but should mean something to me, and should be somewhat abstract. So I decided to draw 40 girls, since I was turning 40, but in my favorite wallpaper pattern style, so that from afar, it looks like a floral pattern, but it's only when you look closely that you will see the 40 girls.

I used mechanical pencil (with a .5 2B lead) and because the drawing was 4ft by 6 ft, this drawing took me a really long time to make. I didn't complain though, because, really, I brought it upon myself. HAHAHA!

One time I was babysitting my 4yo niece while working on this. I gave her crayons and a sketchpad to keep her busy while I worked. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her reaching out for the paper with a piece of brown crayola!!! I cried out "NOOOO" a bit too dramatically, to which she replied matter-of-fact: "What? But I want to help you. Your drawing doesn't have any color." HAHAHA. 

40 girls, 4x6ft, pencil on paper, 2016

40 girls, 4x6ft, pencil on paper, 2016