If your life were a movie, who would play you? / by christina dy

My friends and I played this game once-- we imagined our lives turned into a biopic, and of course, the most important question is-- who would play us???

I didn't expect though that my life would be turned into, well, not a movie, but a tv episode! Rey of MMK (Maalaala Mo Kaya, the longest running, highest rating drama series on tv) called me, and I thought, what a fun prank! Turned out he was legit and then wow, it was really happening.

They saw my story on the page We Are Braver-- a Facebook page about brave women and brave stories. My story was about how my wedding didn't push through (I already had a dress!) , to how I found happiness in pole dancing, and eventually put up Polecats Manila. They also wanted my story to be part of MMK's 25th anniversary season. Yey!

Fast forward to-- I'm teaching Jessy Mendiola how to pole because she will play me. I adore her. She's cute and fun and always early for our classes and works hard. 

from Jessy's IG account @senorita_jessy

from Jessy's IG account @senorita_jessy

They let me edit the script a little, but I left some details as is.  The big things were true-- how my parents raised me, how my then-fiance broke up with me via text message (for shame!!!), how I ran into my ex in a coffee shop and that funny dialogue that follows, how Polecats welcomes all women and empowers them. 

The actor playing my ex is super cute! Here is a video of him saying sorry for breaking my heart. Hi Vin Abrenica :)

They shot in our studio (yey!) and I did a small appearance at the end.

my friends sent me screenshots of the final scene. yeyyyy!

my friends sent me screenshots of the final scene. yeyyyy!

It was a really fun experience-- how many times do you get Jessy Mendiola to play you!? 

Thank you MMK! 

p.s. if you missed this, you can watch this episode on www.iwanttv.com :)