Burn Baby Burn / by christina dy

I gave my very first artwork to Joel-- several charcoal portraits, because he was my first friend who said I should go be an artist.  His house burned down, all my works with it. I guess that was a good thing for me-- I learned how to not be attached to my works.

Last month, the Silverlens storage burned due to a fire from a neighboring unit. I lost this:

R.I.P. ROADS : 2015-2016

R.I.P. ROADS : 2015-2016

I felt sad about the fire, for my gallerists, for the works that were lost, for artists whose main source of income is art, and who have now lost so much. I didn't feel sad for myself though-- most of my large murals are done knowing that they are temporary and fleeting. Most of the time, my drawings only last the span of the exhibition dates. I erase / destroy them after.

I do want to do something to commemorate this piece though. In time.

For now, RIP Roads, 2015-2016.