Borobudur temple-- YOU MUST GO / by christina dy

I love massive things that are very difficult to make.

So of course I loved the Buddhist temple Borobudur.

The first time I saw it-- I stopped in my tracks. I had to stare at it for a complete minute before even starting the ascent up its steep steps. This is one of those moments when you say WOW out loud.

It is HUGE. (It's the largest Buddhist temple in the world.) And there is so much detail in all the stone pieces that comprise it. The floor plan is a mandala. The things that amaze me about it just go on and on, it's better to just wiki it for yourself ;)

The thing that amazes me about all massive things are these two points: 1. that somebody actually had the vision , and 2. somebody actually built it. 

Someone told me, you do know this was made possible by slaves, right? Yes. But look at ourselves now, are we not slaves as well? And what do we have to show for it?