Sand and Sadness / by christina dy

While watching the MMK episode about my life, I suddenly felt sad. And I thought how apt it would be to dance in the sand-- where your feet sink, and they're heavy and it takes so much effort to move in any direction because the sand is pulling you down.

So I messaged Joel and said: I want to dance in sand. 

To which he said: Let's go to Ilocos.

Since my summer was booked for Stellar (the Polecats Manila annual recital), we scheduled to leave for Ilocos right after the show.  We hopped onto his van, with my two interns Etty and Pat and went on a road trip to the sand dunes of Ilocos.

Joel and I had previously shot his short film "The End is Bigger Than Love" in the Ilocos sand dunes, and I love the place. It's so hot and working in it makes me want to kill myself but it is so beautiful.

We met with the Tourism office, and they were very helpful and suggested some other places. Here are the beautiful locations that we saw :

It was raining when we got to the sand dunes so we didn't get to see it again. 

This though, was a suggestion from the Tourism office, and it is my favorite:

This is Sarrat Church, built in 1779, and is really long, and is built without beams. So beautiful. Will figure out a way to make work with this church. 

I love how traveling opens up so many ideas! During the trip, my initial idea had so many iterations. After my residency this August, I need to sit and focus on this next performance. 

Hopefully this one doesn't last 4 hours :)