Designing a Business Card / by christina dy

I don't really do design... but I guess I can, if what my friends want are simple enough. 

I only design for friends-- whatever that thing may be. A long time ago, I designed one movie for a person who wasn't a friend, and, it was one of the most terrible experiences of my life. It wasn't worth all the work, stress, my health, nor the php400 a day pay. (Yes, php400.) Never again.

So anyway, my friend Yey  wanted a card to give to potential fitness clients. Yey is a powerlifter, so I wanted a logo that would show some lifting, using his initials YM.

Since I'm quite nonsense doing graphics, I send this sketch via Viber to my intern Pat.  Who sends a digitized version back to me.

I give him Yey's details, plus the fonts I want used for the card. And this is what Pat sends back to me.

My intern is amazing. I present to Yey and after a few minor adjustments, he has them printed. He gives his cards away, and gets clients.  Yeyyyy fun times! :)