My Theatrical Debut! / by christina dy

Yes, I'm making it sound more dramatic, but yes, I had my theatrical debut 3 weeks ago!

It's my first dancing (and a bit of acting) role in a show. It was for La Estrella: A Night of Flamenco and Music and the follows the love story of a flamenco dancer torn between two tenors. Katsie Llave is the flamenco dancer, and David Ezra and Arman Ferrer are the two tenors. 

When Katsie first asked me to dance, I was so scared. Dance without a pole? Without a chair? Without any apparatus??? But I did it anyway, and I'm so glad I did. 

So my role, together with Margaret and Tippi, were to be temptresses / vultures and steal away Arman. Quite fun I must say!!! Arman is so fun to work with.

Right before the first time we come out though, David sings "Si Tu Me Amas" and it always makes me cry backstage. AHHHH I have one second to switch from crying bleeding heart to vulture. Hahaha.

We had 5 shows at the PowerMac Center Spotlight spread over 2 weekends. Not bad for my first theatrical role! Yeyyy! So excited to do more :)

That's me and my leg on Arman. Hello!!!

That's me and my leg on Arman. Hello!!!