Ground Zero
Untitled (Tides)

charcoal on wall
8.53 x 59.06 ft / 2.6 x 18m
(site specific: Busan Biennale 2010, South Korea)


A site-specific drawing I made for the 2010 Busan Biennale. It took me 20 days to make this. I asked the biennale to destroy the drawing after.


Coordinator: Kim Sung-Woo

Curator: Takashi Azumaya


Music: Tides by Romeo Candido


charcoal on canvas
5 x 88 ft / 60 x 1056 in

Cultural Center of the Philippines

Shortlisted for the Ateneo Art Awards

video by Rachel Rillo

Curtains Matching Carpet

charcoal on cement

variable dimension



I drew hair on the walls of the gallery.  I started on opening day, and finished on closing day. I gave haircuts in between. Visitors were welcome to watch, help draw, or to just have their hair cut.

Shortlisted for the Ateneo Art Awards

video courtesy of Silverlens Galleries


charcoal on canvas

2 pieces, 5x25 ft each

Silverlens Galleries, Manila



This drawing was burned in the fire that engulfed the SLG storage. RIP Roads 2015-2016.


photo by Tippi Sy

Ground Zero
Ground Zero

charcoal on paper
8ft (height) x 66ft (circumference)

Cultural Center of the Philippines


I went on a helipad, and took photos of the sky around me. This is the 360 degree drawing that's the result. The viewer stands in the center of the room. The viewer is inside the drawing.

Shown as part of the CCP 13 Artists Awards exhibit.


photo by Mackie Galvez