The Red Dress - Trailer

This is What Happens When You Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

After commissioning a beautiful red dress that took a year to finish, Christina Dy (CD) destroyed the dress in the most devastatingly beautiful way.

“I want to dance in a red dress until it disappears,” she said.

Just a few hours before the performance, CD reveals her reason for the performance. “Like most things in my life this was borne of heartbreak.”

CD performs for hours on end, without knowing when it will end. By the third hour, she becomes so exhausted and dehydrated, she could barely stand. By the end of the performance, CD along with the audience experience a floodgate of emotions, released when the red dress completely disappears.

— text by Monster Jimenez

Dress by Tippi Sy
Chair by Marco Ortiga

Director of Photography : Ike Avellana
Sound Design : Corinne de San Jose

Additional Sound: Armi Millare
Editor : Maui Mauricio

performed on March 9, 2016 at Power Mac Center Spotlight


still by Tarish Zamora